About KF Hemp

Building a Legacy of Pioneering New Industries

In 1899 the family homestead was settled by German immigrants arriving from the Odessa region of the Ukraine. Today, Kambeitz Farms has emerged as a North American leader in agricultural production and innovation. It has grown to a 60,000 acre source of the world’s finest grains, oilseeds, pulses and hemp . Growing, feeding, protecting and nurturing crops is in our DNA.

The Evolution of KF Agriculture



  • Quantity based food production
  • Low profit per unit/high volume
  • Consumer affordable
  • Feed a growing world


  • High quality based food production
  • High Value/Health conscious
  • Consumer choice foods
  • Organic, Omega 9, high protein
  • Nautural & sustainable


  • Wellness-based agriculture
  • Highest Value
  • Healing, regenerating & rejuvenating
  • Pharmaceutical/medicinal future capabilities
  • Ingredient supplement in the animal food industry
  • Advanced biofibre materials

KF Hemp

KF Hemp has positioned itself to be amongst the largest growers of hemp in North America.

Through the strategic partnership development KF Hemp has established and cultivated the following:

  1. Stable Genetics
  2. Unlimited Farmland
  3. Innovative Broad Acre Farming Operations
  4. Licensing
  5. Biomass Processing, Drying & Storage
  6. Advanced Biofibre Materials Processing

With these partnerships in place, KF Hemp has the ability to control the hemp production value chain from seed to sale of hemp biomass, cannabinoids and biofibre.


Our Goals

  1. Grow premium, high quality industrial hemp flower and biofibre in a scaled up broad acre platform.
  2. Efficiently harvest hemp flower crop at optimal time for highest level of cannabinoids.
  3. Use proprietary high capacity processing and drying techniques to preserve hemp biomass on a large scale.
  4. Efficiently cut and collect highest quality and quantity biofibre.
  5. Harvest and dry hemp seeds for the human and animal food protein and edible oil markets.
  6. Preserve the integrity of the hemp biomass throughout the logistics chain through dried biomass packaging and shipping or primary extraction to cannabinoid crude oil.

What We Do

  1. Identify and acquire stable, quality genetics for planting.
  2. Adapt and invent modern, innovative farming techniques to grow and harvest hemp for biofibre, cannabinoids and seed.
  3. Dry and prepare hemp biomass for packaging, shipping and/or extraction.
  4. Sell and ship high CBD hemp biomass or cannabinoid crude to end users domestically and internationally.
  5. Advanced biofibre materials of ingredients for the bioplastics, biochar and cellulose industry.